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Agree with everything written. The thing I feel like adding is maybe only relevant for me, but...

I feel part of the score keeping game is assuming we have the same needs is a loser's game. There are things I do which cost me, in my own mind, nothing, yet my wife feels guilt. And the reverse is true. How can you keep score when points are counted so differently. Costco with my kids is fun, for me. My wife hates it. Yard work with no kids is awful for me, my wife loves it.

Not only is it a losing battle to "keep score." Of course it is. But also, how does one keep score when the rules are not the same for all players.

Thanks for writing.

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New on here but married for close to 10years and I’m happy I’m learning more and more from the write ups even with all my not so great experiences, if only i learned aome of this sooner

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