let me tell you something about marriage.

a newsletter about the honeymoons, the I want to kill yous and the lifelong lessons I have learned from my 13 year relationship.

Why am I writing about marriage?

Good. Question. 

Let me start from the beginning.

Most of you are here from my threads on Twitter or Instagram, if not, below is the tweet that started it all.

After the tweet went viral, something bothered me. That I might be contributing to the generic, romanticized perception of marriage. That I was misguiding the next generation, taking young lovestruck couples and setting them up for the shock of their life. Marriage is fulfilling, but an infinitely challenging journey. So I started writing. 

Spurred on by my wife to write my first thread, I wrote about our marriage experiences in this tweet:

People began to share and send DMs thanking me. That might not have been enough to keep me writing, but selfishly, journaling my experience has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my marriage. So I have decided to carry on for a while. 

It was cheaper than therapy (which I also recommend)

Who the hell am I?

I have been in a relationship for thirteen years, married for six, and a father for three. Family, work and God are my strength.

Professionally, I am a writer & spoken word poet who gained broader appeal when my Why I Hate School but Love Education that went viral in 2012, garnering 10 million views.  I have received numerous celebrities endorsements, most notably from Will Smith, who personally requested to have breakfast with me after hearing my poem  "I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate" 

My speech at TEDxHousesofParliament has been viewed over 300,000 times. I have been requested to perform at the United Nations National Commonwealth Day with The Queen in attendance and exclusive events for Google, The Times, and various institutions worldwide. My talks range from artistic inspiration to discussions on empowering creatives to be more entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is a passion that has lead to me occupying creative consulting roles at Kano Computing, Platoon, The Narrative and Tully. I am currently studying investment and Venture Capital.

I have been fortunate enough to create content for brands like Microsoft, Intel and even NASA, and recently featured in Tag Heuer's 2020 Young Player of The Year Announcement and Santander Bank’s campaign to prevent fraud. 

Musically, I was featured on Kasabian's fifth studio album, the number 1-charting 48.13 in 2014., British electronic music icon's Faithless first studio album in over 20 years and in American musician Joyner Lucas's powerful video dealing with suicide and mental health. The video "I'm Sorry", has accumulated 72 million views. 

Enough about me.

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