I was excited to know the lessons you’d highlight from this as soon as the notification popped on my phone. I had the same thoughts, every relationship has standards & expectations that should be spoken about, but in my opinion, his public shaming & embarrassment of her took away from his feelings being validated. Especially with the standards society sets on women when they become mothers, it wasn’t a nice way to communicate his disapproval of her attire. There’s been a lot of mention of him doing this publicly, but personally I feel if he said the same thing privately, it would still be as hurtful. A lot of women feel they lose a sense of themselves when they become mothers, and during that period, your partner should be your support system. If they were broken up at the time of this happening, it always blows my mind how people go from being the biggest supporter of their partner to an opp. Their love was publicly loud, and his disrespect was just as loud.

All in all, this was a great piece you’ve written. I enjoyed reading it!

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